Uneducated - Disc Priest

Interested in applying to our guild? Feel free to post an application here!
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Uneducated - Disc Priest

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Email: [snip][/snip]
Character Name: Uneducated
Character Race/Class: Blood Elf/ Disc Priest
Professions: i have numerous over all my characters
Microphone: yes
Willingness to talk on Ventrilo: Will Do
Level 90 Alts (Name/Class): I have 8 90s
Link to Armory (Please log out in your PvE gear):
http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/b ... ted/simple
General Questions:
What were your previous guild(s) and why did you leave them? (Please include server if you are a transfer)
Havent Been in a Guild Since Cata
What is your previous experience of end game content? (Feel free to include any expansion)
raided in all expansions, im 14/14 normal 10/25man Soo
What are your Primary and Secondary specs and are you willing to play your offspec if needed for progression?
I can make a shadow offspec if needed

Do you have a stable internet connection and computer? Yes

Game Play:
What is your availability for raiding? Furthermore, how often do you play outside of raids? How often are you available and in vent?
I play whenever i can basically mostly either durring the day or at night later then 8pm est, i do have a girlfriend and a job but i work 3 days a week and my girlfriend usually spends nights on the weekends

Do you research your class for the best in slot gear and min/max your gems and enchants? Impress us with your knowledge of your class.
I do research my class as much as i think and do know that i know my class the game is constantly changing and im alwasy checking BIS and gems and reforges and enchants, im trying to get a haste build for my priest but for now im sticking with the crit build
Will you be able to take Constructive Criticism from the guild members?
of course always been able to take constructive critism

Post a links to relevant logs that showcase your talent:
havent logged anything with me, ive been on slootbags sub raids a couple times tho,

Do you PvP? Any notable accomplishments? We have a handful of Glad's along with a consistent group of pvp running everyday.
i do not pvp

Post a link to your UI (in raid combat) with a basic description.
i play with the normal ui, been used to it for the past 9 years

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Re: Application Template.

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"We want to drench your angel wings that carry you to heaven with our sticky, gooey, disgusting jism"

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Re: Uneducated - Disc Priest

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Moved these posts to a new topic, but I've also updated the main thread stating we are currently not recruiting, we are undecided if we wish to continue in the future, specifically WoD.

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