Malutki - Fury warrior

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Malutki - Fury warrior

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Character Name: Malutki
Character Race/Class: Orc/Warrior
Professions: 600 BS/600 JC
Microphone: Yes
Willingness to talk on Ventrilo: Yes
Level 90 Alts (Name/Class): 90 Hunter, 90 Warlock, 90 Death Knight, 90 Mage, 90 Shaman, 90 Druid, 90 Priest, 90 Rogue, 90 Paladin
Link to Armory (Please log out in your PvE gear): ... tki/simple

General Questions:
What were your previous guild(s) and why did you leave them? (Please include server if you are a transfer)
TBC- Eye Candy, US:Executus top 150 US, greatest achievement with guild was M'uru prenerf - guild died when WOTLK hit
WOTLK- Burning Sensations, US:Korgath top 200 US - transferred to BS with a few members of Eye Candy and raided here for a while, left due to guild drama (about half the guild left)
WOTLK- Too Soon, US:Executus - went back to Executus to compete for realm firsts and play with old friends
Cata- For Science, US:Sargeras - 10 man guild with friends for most of Cata on and off, nothing very serious
MoP - Haven't raided seriously for most of MoP - cleared 14/14N and 2/14H in SoO with friends - really enjoying the raid and would like to push some more content

What is your previous experience of end game content? (Feel free to include any expansion)
See above.

What are your Primary and Secondary specs and are you willing to play your offspec if needed for progression?
Primarily fury right now - can play arms as well as prot. 557 fury, 555 prot

Do you have a stable internet connection and computer?
Yes to both.

Game Play:
What is your availability for raiding? ... d in vent?
Pretty much play every night regardless of raid nights.

Do you research your class for the best ... our class.
Yes I min/max as much as possible, utilizing simcraft and a number of other websites/tools. I have double buff professions on all 9 of my 90s and always show up fully gemmed and enchanted with BiS gems and enchants.

Will you be able to take Constructive Criticism from the guild members?
Yes, not a problem

Post a links to relevant logs that showcase your talent:
Don't have any relevant logs right now - haven't been raiding regularly for a while.

Do you PvP? Any notable accomplishments? We have a handful of Glad's along with a consistent group of pvp running everyday.
I'm not a gladiator but I have 2400 on my resto shaman and 2200 on a number of alts. 2kish in RBGs.

Post a link to your UI (in raid combat) with a basic description.

I'll swing back over and post a UI screenshot later today - I'm at work right now.

Thanks for taking the time to review my app. Just a little bit about me. I'm 28, a closet computer nerd, I like chocolate milk and puppies, have full sleeve tattoos, and I'm currently hooked on the Game of Thrones series. When I'm not playing WoW I play a lot of League of Legends, partake in alcoholic beverages and touch myself. I haven't been seriously raiding in a while now - actually it burned me out after a while but I've been hoping to find a guild that raids 2-3 nights a week to really get back into things.


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