Application Template.

Interested in applying to our guild? Feel free to post an application here!
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Application Template.

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**** we are currently not recruiting at this point because we are waiting until the next expansion to make our decision if we wish to continue raiding. ****
* Please make a new thread when posting new applications. *

Character Name:
Character Race/Class:
Willingness to talk on Ventrilo:
Level 90 Alts (Name/Class):
Link to Armory (Please log out in your PvE gear):

General Questions:
What were your previous guild(s) and why did you leave them? (Please include server if you are a transfer)

What is your previous experience of end game content? (Feel free to include any expansion)

What are your Primary and Secondary specs and are you willing to play your offspec if needed for progression?

Do you have a stable internet connection and computer?

Game Play:
What is your availability for raiding? Furthermore, how often do you play outside of raids? How often are you available and in vent?

Do you research your class for the best in slot gear and min/max your gems and enchants? Impress us with your knowledge of your class.

Will you be able to take Constructive Criticism from the guild members?

Post a links to relevant logs that showcase your talent:

Do you PvP? Any notable accomplishments? We have a handful of Glad's along with a consistent group of pvp running everyday.

Post a link to your UI (in raid combat) with a basic description.

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